Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Update: Nov 1 - 15, 2013

Cherry Tree Net  is already up ...those nasty winged creatures are not getting every single cherry like they did last year! With the fruit just turning red the birds were already visiting ARGH!!!

Weather Highlights:
Lowest Min 1.2C
Highest Min 12.1C
Lowest Max 18.4C
Highest Max 34.9C
No Recorded Rain


Amaranth Red Mekong Amaranthus gangeticus Home Saved Seed
Cosmos Candy Stripe and Purity Cosmos bipinnatus from Mr Fothergills
Nasturtium Gleam Trailing Tropaeolum majus from Goodman Seeds
Nasturtium Jewel Mixed  Tropaeolum majus from DT Brown
Sunflower Giant Russian and Sunfola Helianthus annuus from Select Organic
Cucumber Crystal Apple Cucumis sativus  Mr Fothergill's
Cucumber Suyo Long  Cucumis sativus  Home Saved Seed
Cucumber Mini White  Cucumis sativus  4Seasons Seeds

Planting out:
Beans Tongues of Fire and Gourmet Delight Home Grown (HG) seedlings as top up planting in Bed 3
Beans Domino HG Seedlings in Bed with the Sweetcorn in Bed 9
Capsicum California Wonder x4 and Sweet Chocolate x2 HG Seedlings  into bed 5
Capsicum Sweet Paprika x6 and Purple Basil x3 HG Seedlings in Bed 13
Celery purchased seedlings went into the Bathtub Bed and the spare Wicking Bed in the Orchard Area
Cucumber Mini White x4 HG Seedlings  into bed 3
Pumpkin Butternut x6 HG Seedlings  into bed 4
Cucumber Bushy x3, Tomato Yellow Baby Pear x2, Chilli Shake x2, Eggplant Casper x1. Eggplant Long Purple x1 and a couple of Basil Minette plants into Bed 6 all  HG Seedlings 
Zucchini Early HG Seedlings  into bed 8
in the Almond area

Lots of seedlings planted out in the garden...most have their own protective container!

Bushy Cucumbers in Bed 6 have a crate to climb up...the Tomatoes either side will be trained to the archway next to the bed.

The BathTub bed is a mass of production this year with Lettuces, Tomatoes, Onions, Celery and Basil. Around the base the flowers are blooming and attracting beneficial insects.


  1. Your garden is looking good Scarecrow. Hope you get a lovely cherry crop!

    We have started using bath tubs for beds too. So far so good :)

    Stay cool in this heat :)

    1. Thanks Tania
      The Cherries are looking good so far I just hope it doesn't stay too hot for them!
      I think the tubs will be OK as long as they don't get too hot in the sun.


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